Leviathan Cult

Leviathan Cult

It’s been a long while since I tinkered around with Genestealer Cult and Tyranids for my 40k projects, but like the void-call of the Hive Mind it’s hard to stay away forever. Necrons are my primary focus (trying to keep it that way, hah). But still, always need to be brewing a few side-projects. Back with Shadow War: Armageddon, the set of skirmish rules that pre-dated Kill Team, I started up a Behemoth-themed set of gangs: one Genestealer Cult and one Tyranids proper. I finished squads for each, and was pretty happy about them. You can check out the color scheme here: https://leviathancult.com/2017/05/03/the-behemoth-approaches/ in full, but the pic below shows the generations as they looked.

My original Behemoth color scheme for Genestealer Cult

Having made some significant inroads into forces once I got on the painting track in 2021 (Night Lords, Necrons, and Tau all had huge strides in progress), I also felt that I wanted to get back to some more Genestealer Cult–especially with rumors that by the end of the year they may be getting a new Codex. They also are always fun in Kill Team, which I’ve been playing a fair amount of recently. So onward to some new cultists.

However, I didn’t want to stick to the Behemoth scheme. Needed something a bit different. So I experimented with a Leviathan scheme–which I ended up really liking the look of.

Pleased with my initial five Hybrid Acolytes. I’ve got another five on the way, and I’m kind of pleased with the way that the Behemoth white/pink/purple/red hit with the brown-and-yellow mining gear and the lava bases.

With the excitement of getting those models done, I swung into a number more of them to start to fill out a starting force for myself. Had to paint the Patriarch next, as that model is just so essential to the feel of the Genestealer Cult.

This color scheme is fun, and I definitely foresee myself doing a Leviathan Tyranids army here soon enough hah

And I finished up another squad of Acolytes as well.

They can make a full squad of 10, and also are a complete Kill Team with the other group.

So far so good, they take a fair amount of work so may be the slow-grow side project for a while (at least till new Codex). But they make for a fun version of that!

Also, update on the Marvel side of things. Had a brief lull after finishing Sabretooth last time, but got back into my groove and finished up Ebony Maw. I’m actually really pleased with how he turned out, and got to field him in a game alongside Thanos and Black Dwarf, which was pretty cool.

Ebony Maw, that most smarmy of alien sorcerers…

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 298/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12



Well it’s the Fall season, which means that the holiday months are approaching. That tends to mean that people need a little extra push to get some painting accomplished, so it’s time for the First-Annual TANKS-Giving Event at Drawbridge Games!

WHEN: Thursday, November 4th. Set-up for game, pictures, and painting accomplishments inspection at 7pm, dice start at 7:30pm.

WHY: A motivation to paint tanks and cars of all types for our 40k armies, and then to field them in one glorious free-for-all battle. Fun at the event, motivation for painting new things, and prizes!

WHAT: Players can bring up to 50 PL of tanks and sorta-tank-like vehicles (see full list below). All models must be painted to tabletop standard. The things you field DO NOT need to have the same keyword! So if you want to field a Land Raider next to a Rukkatrukk Squiggbuggy and a Dark Eldar Ravager, well… do it. No HQ, character, or named vehicles allowed, and nothing with the Titanic keyword or that fills a Lord of War slot. (Don’t worry, we’ll have future big events where those bad boys can be fielded!)

HOW: There will be a door prize raffle with some great 40k prizes as always for our big events. Everyone who shows up with a painted force, from a single tank to a full 50 PL of mixed vehicles from various factions, gets one name entry. For each thing that you have shared in advance in built- or primed-only form (post on the Drawbridge Events page), and bring painted, you’ll get an extra ticket with your name in the prize drawing. The winner (last tank or team of tanks standing) will get five extra tickets with their name in the drawing. As for the game, we’ll use the playing card system as often is the case with our big events: each round every player will be dealt a card that will determine turn order.

WHO: You! Entry is free for Drawbridge Gatecrasher Members (only $35 for the entire year, and includes 10% discount on all purchases for that year plus 20% on select pre-orders), and $5 for non-members.

So what can you bring? Well, things with tracks and wheels mostly, but certainly skimmer tanks too. There are a few exceptions for armies that have limited options (e.g. Tyranids get their two gun-focused bio-beasts, Ad Mech get a sorta-walker tank option with the Dunecrawler).

Adeptus AstartesGladiator, Hunter, Impulsor, Land Raider, Predator, Razorback, Repulsor, Rhino, Stalker, Vindicator, Whirlwind
Adepta SororitasCatigator, Exorcist, Immolator, Rhino
Adeptus CustodesLand Raider
Adeptus MechanicusDunecrawler, Skorpius
Astra MilitarumBasilisk, Chimera, Deathstrike, Hellhound, Hydra, Leman Russ, Manticore, Taurox, Wyvern
Chaos DaemonsBurning Chariot, Skull Cannon
Chaos MarinesLand Raider, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
Death GuardBlight Hauler, Land Raider, Plagueburst Crawler, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
Thousand SonsLand Raider, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
EldarFalcon, Fire Prism, Night Spinner, Wave Serpent
Dark EldarRaider, Ravager, Venom
HarlequinsStar Weaver, Void Weaver
NecronsAnnihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark
TauDevilfish, Hammerhead, Piranha, Sky Ray
OrksBattlewagon, Bonebreaka, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Gunwagon, Hunta Rig, Kustom Boosta-Blasta, Megatrakk Scrapjet, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, Shokkjump Dragsta, Trukk
Genestealer CultAchilles Ridgerunner, Goliath
TyranidsExocrine, Tyrannofex
Note that if you’re inclined to take other things, run them past the TO’s for approval (e.g. ForgeWorld options)–this should be the mostly-complete list of things from the basic codexes.

So that’s the set-up. Below is the list. Again, you can bring combinations across different factions as you’d like. So it’s a great time to experiment with something new alongside an existing force, or make progress on a few projects you’ve got sitting in the pile of shame. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much armored Fury we can muster!

The Mighty Scarabs

The Mighty Scarabs

Central to a good Necrons force is–of course–the Scarab Swarms. I added three more to my force this past week. Not fast progress, but was good to get them done. They’re great for screening units, for taking objectives, and for soaking mortal wounds from psychic-heavy armies. All-around awesome, and they’re cute to boot.

[ skitter skitter ]

On the Marvel Crisis Protocol side of things, I finished up my Sabretooth, which meets my 2021 goal for Marvel Models: at least 12 painted. I certainly plan to finish more, but was good to hit the milestone.

The classic costume… I’m really pleased with his hair and the fur lining.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 280/366 (counts scarab swarms)

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 12/12

Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

A new edition of Kill Team is out, and that has generated a fair amount of buzz around here with building some unique and fun teams for the game. I’ve been fiddling back and forth with both Necrons and various flavors of Chaos (Night Lords and Khorne) about what I’d like to do, and somewhat sparked on the Necrons side of things.

I did up a new “leader” model for the team, a Flayed One that combined parts of a Royal Warden, to represent a more leadership-oriented personality who could lead the team–but still was a corrupted Flayed One. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The concierge of skin grafting

While I had Necron paints out I also finished up Trazyn the Infinite. I so thoroughly enjoyed the fluff about him (the novel The Infinite and the Devine by Robert Rath: https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-infinite-and-the-divine-ebook-2020.html), so I had to paint up my own version of him. I did a bit of modification, as he is a Finecast resin model–so a bit fiddly. I swapped the weapon around–same head but the arm from a Lychguard/Praetorian staff for more stability to the weapon.

He’s come to collect you!

The other thing you might notice are the small T-shaped plinths behind him. Those are small display bases, with an embedded magnet. So as I have victories (or fun losses), I’ll get bits from the armies I’ve beaten and paint them up (or have my opponent paint them if they’re kind and want to get their color scheme perfect), so he can have constantly rotating “display” items with him. I’ll do up a larger display base with more of these too if I start getting a lot. It’s a fun way to make the games meaningful and connected, so wanted to have some fun with a Special Character known for taking, storing, and collecting the artifacts of other races.

Gaming-wise I got some Kill Team games in as well–a few with my Necrons, and one with my Chaos Daemons of Khorne. Some shots from the games are below. Kill Team in this new edition is super-quick and deadly, so it runs really fast.

The Necron Kill Team: Immortals with Tesla Carbines and Flayed Ones
The Necrons take both the high and low road in driving out the Imperial Guard.
Necrons in the distance, their Space Marine foes in the foreground with this one.
Mixed in a daemon force of Khorne. This shot was right before the Bomb Squig killed all three of these models with its explosion. Gah!

On the Marvel side of things, I got another model added to my collection: Shuri. This rounds out my Wakanda affiliation (the first affiliation I’ve run meaningfully in more than one game). While getting the dots quite right was difficult, overall I’m pleased with the look of the model.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 278/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 11/12

Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (2)

Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (2)

So I’ve provided my update about Night Lords and about Necrons, now time for the update about my other army I’ve been fiddling with: The Tau Empire. Amidst the different plans of Covid-time (which included a whole lot of army swapping and a healthy dose of retail therapy that added to the pile of grey plastic shame), one of the aims that surfaced was doing some Tau in conjunction with other players in my area (check it out here: https://circleofinclemency.com/2021/01/19/drawbridge-gulf-expansion-1/). Some progress was made, though all three of us drifted to different projects as well (Ryan to Sisters of Battle and Colton to Custodes).

But I definitely don’t want to let the Tau flame die as I go forward, honestly feeling like they are sitting well as a balance to my Night Lords Circle of Inclemency force. Might have to plot out a Circle of Inclemency backstory amidst the Tau as well!

So I’ve gotten back to painting them, which included rebasing the entire force to my preferred lava bases. I think I’m more inclined toward Necrons at the moment, but still made some progress so wanted to update. I added a bunch more Stealth to my force, as they paint up so quickly. All told I did up 12 additional Stealth Suits, two Ghostkeels (with their drones), and two sets of two Gun Drones.

First set, front were already painted added the back three (all in stealth tech camo–which is why it was easy to add them!)
Again, the back row three were added.
Drones! Drones! Drones!
I didn’t get a static shot of my Ghostkeels and the other unit of 6 stealth, but had this one from the game. You can see the first Ghostkeel I had painted in the foreground (on the building). The one with the Cyclic Ion Raker is amidst the group of models toward the back left of the picture, and the other with a Fusion Demolisher (complete with “experimental upgrade” modeling) is below the building (you can just see it’s base and a stealth drone). The six all-stealth-field stealth team are also back behind the foreground on the left.
AX3 Razorshark Strike Fighter – Added to the Tau pile of completed models just to get it done.

Played a fun game (see above) against Chaos Knights, managed to squeak out the win after much destruction on both sides. And then got in a game against Custodes with my Tau that I just lost. As usual, Tau are fun but their lack of melee just really holds them back. Only one phase of the game just isn’t ideal. Also took them for a spin with the new Kill Team rules, also against Custodes. There too, the lack of any melee presence just left me going “ehhhh”.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 278/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 10/12

The Circle of Inclemency: Necrons

Nature repeats patterns. The spiral of seashells match our eye for composition of classical paintings. The edges of leaves match the shores of Fjords. Trees branch like lightning.

So the Circle of Inclemency too. A set group of eight, charged with ensuring the most rigorous set of order. Order without compromise, justice without bending. As eight is a number of power for the forces of Chaos, the number eight also figures into the machine logics of the Necrontyr. Whether coincidence or cosmic convergence, the Necrons themselves have a Court of Eight Judges.

Judges in the Necron hierarchy are all Nobles, the circle assembled from across segments of the diverse Dynasties, charged with keeping order between various dynastic agents. In order to do that, they themselves have to maintain sufficient fighting forces to enforce the decisions of the Court. As such, this “Circle of Inclemency” (as there is rarely room for failure or mercy) maintains a standing and awoken force, and as such is often the first to be involved in various conflicts, either to support Dynasties against external threats or to wage punitive war against a Dynasty itself.

The schemers that the Circle spends a fair amount of their time internally navigating and policing. Necron named characters wallpaper by KaneNash (https://www.deviantart.com/kanenash/art/Necron-characters-400927023)

The actual council of judges who sits on the Circle of Inclemency is shrouded in some mystery, as a functioning triad of judge-nobles remain active at a given time while others may or may not be active or present temporally at any one meeting–and thus their positions may or not be reflected in the decision space. More than a few Crypteks devote serious predictive calculation powers to understanding the politics of the Circle–similar to the way that ancient Terran scholars focused on the politics of Merica conducted their considerations:

Ancient Terran calculus of predictive behavior of balance of power amongst Court judges.

More to follow on what those end up looking like as I get clearer on what personas I’ll have filling these roles. But wanted to demonstrate what I’m working on with the Necrons side of things alongside the Night Lords aims that I’ve done recently. Trying to be comfortable building and working on both armies, rather than devoting to just one. We’ll see how that goes!

It wouldn’t be a good update if I didn’t have some more painting to show and share. I’ve completed another 10 Warriors for my force, as well as a Doom Scythe. I got a light box to photograph with, but honestly I’m not as keen with the photos on it as I am with other ways of photographing–so far. Will keep experimenting.

Warriors… poorly photographed!
Doom Scythe… even worse!
Wanted to do a close up of the finished Death Ray. I wanted to do a Kirby Crackle effect on it, like the power energy building within it. Felt pretty good about how it turned out. To the point I may try this on a few other weapons where appropriate.

And a quick Marvel update just because I’m here. Completed Thanos and Wasp. And can definitely see that my prior set-up for photos works better than the blue backdrop light box I used on these Necron shots! Will have to re-photo the Doom Scythe at least.

The “Mad Titan” Thanos himself
Wasp, in both her regular and tiny forms!

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 232/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 10/12

A Marvelous Crisis

More Marvel Crisis Protocol models have been added to my collection. I’ve not picked up games as fast with this system, but still have been playing enough that I’ve been painting. I definitely find that the more I play the more I paint (as painting something new for a game session is my chief motivation). This group was fun as it includes the first conversion: I did a President Loki, one of the many Loki characters from the show of the same name. Too funny to not do one like that!

President Loki – Cut off his hand and added vest/tie/campaign button
Mister Sinister – Getting metallic blues down with my Night Lords really helped!

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 216/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 8/12

The Circle of Inclemency: Night Lords

The Circle of Inclemency: Night Lords

When I decided on the Night Lords (8th Legion) 8th Company, I chose it mostly as I have a growing Chaos Daemons of Khorne force, so the number 8 resonated hah. Then I found the single official fluff entry about the Night Lords 8th Legion, which had a single entry in a Forge World Book (about a Dreadnaught that fought at the Drop Site Massacre). The main thing that it said was that the 8th Company called itself “The Circle of Inclemency”. Which given my interest in Justice (professionally) made me really intrigued. The idea of an organization of joint leadership, charged with the perverse sense of harsh justice that the Night Lords as a Legion were founded on, really appealed. I envisioned their leadership to be an 8-member council (Leadership councils in other Night Lords fluff are called Kryoptera). And I envisioned that in the warp lingered a Khornate touchstone for each of the eight members of the 8th Company’s Kryoptera as well–a council of 8 Greater Daemon Bloodthirsters that drew power from the actions of the Company’s warfare. So I envisioned the following:

That shows the type of Bloodthirster, the sort of units that each member of the council looks after, and who those members might even be. I really like this as a way to organize my thinking about the force! The one up top is the stylized Nostroman script rune version too.

And speaking of the Force, I’ve been doing a ton of painting lately. Seriously a whole heap of it. The following pics are all things I’ve added to my army since my last post.

Five more basic Chaos Space Marine Night Lords
First unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
Second unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
Third (!) unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
First Vindicator
Two more Vindicators!

That was a huge push of painting, and I’m really pleased with it. I’ve also added some more to my Tau force (kinda inspired by this too… wait and see hehe), and more Marvel Crisis Protocol models. But I’ll include those in a different post!

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 216/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted 5/12

Drawbridge Grand Opening Celebration

Drawbridge Grand Opening Celebration

The Battle for Space Hulk Baccillum Dulcis

When: Thursday, August 12th. Start time at 6pm (if you can only join later let us know you’re coming so we can plan for you to join and we can plot for reinforcements)

Where: Drawbridge Games’ fancy new location!

Who: You! Any and all players are welcome, whether it’s your first visit or 50th. This is about gathering the Pittsburgh 40k community to enjoy the great new space at Drawbridge’s new location. Prospective members welcome. Just come and have fun!

Background: The Space Hulk Baccillum Dulcis has been detected drifting out of the warp near the outer edges of Segmentum Solar. Thought lost during the Horus Heresy the hulk was used during those dark times as location of human sacrifice to the dark gods. Many filthy and terrible rituals played out within its twisting corridors in preparation for Horus’ invasion of Holy Terra. It was rumored to contain a rare weapon of near-unrivaled power, which could be used to defeat the Emperor—or save the Imperium if it found its ways into the right hands. The enigmatic quasi-Captain of the Baccillum Dulcis was known for trading knowledge and resources to the Dark Mechanicum for an extensive amount of stasis systems—enough to warrant the warband’s leader the nickname of “The Collector”. Having sighted the returned and seemingly ruined Hulk, the Imperial forces are quick to explore and subsequently destroy it before it poses a hazard. It’s clear that some forces of Chaos, the Dark Mechanicum, and even potentially Daemons are still “manning” the hulk after a fashion, determined to take the weapons it contains and use them against Holy Terra. And with Imperial landings on the Baccillum Dulcis damaging core systems with their very impacts, who knows what manner of other threats await in a ship that has seen 10,000-some years of stasis.

What to bring: Players should bring a fully painted and based 25 power level Patrol detachment. This is a great reason to get a first part of your force painted if you’re new, or finish some of the pile of shame if you’re more veteran. Players should ideally choose either an Imperial or Chaos force from a single codex (no soup for you). Players may only bring units with the INFANTRY keyword or the BEASTS keyword (edit: the latter was added upon player requests).

What if you don’t have that much painted? Well, you still absolutely are welcome to participate! We definitely want as many people to come and have fun celebrating the new space for Drawbridge. So if you can’t paint a full 25 power level in a month, well… paint what you can. You can bring less than 25 PL if you wish. Alternatively you can bring just a single non-named Character model with the Infantry keyword. To give these solo heroes (or villains) a fighting chance, they gain the following bonus abilities for the event: “I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed” (+5 to the model’s wound characteristic), “Knife Hands” (+1 to the model’s attack characteristic), and “I Can Do This All Day” (At the beginning of a round roll a d6 if your character has been slain. On a 5 or 6 the character revives with 1 wound at the location of its defeat. If the location is currently occupied by future targets, select an empty location with 5”. Still occupied? Too bad! Roll again next round.)

What if you’re all Xenos and not interested in Imperial nor Chaos? Fear not, we’ve got a spot for you too! You’ll just be exhibits and collected samples in The Collector’s stasis fields that have broken free in the breach of the attack. To represent this, you can bring up to 20 PL of fully painted models with the Infantry keyword and that count as Troops or Elites. Any leadership models would have been dissected by this point, but you can still field a nasty force with these! Xenos players will begin with their forces coming out of stasis fields at various points on the Hulk. Want to fill the hulk with a rumbling horde of Ork Boyz or scampering Genestealer Hybrids? Have at it.

Set Up: Using our custom space hulk tables that we’re building for this event, players will be assigned starting locations by the GM’s. We’re hoping the tables will be a lot of fun to explore and battle over.

Procedure: At the start of each round a GM will roll 3 different colored dice to represent the imperium, chaos, and xenos forces. Highest faction die goes first and so on. Each faction will then get to take their turn for the rounds. No Command Points will be available for use by forces (keeps things smooth). In the case of multiple combats, all models defending in the combat will get to fight (same round turn order will determine who is first, second, third). Combat on a drifting space hulk is a bloody affair!

Objectives: Vary by which force you’re fielding. Imperium players gain one Victory point for each completed “Demo Charge Placed!” Action that succeeds—there will be a number of spots on the board you’ll need to fight to in order to be able to do these actions. Chaos players gain one Victory point for each completed “System Override!” Action that succeeds, again expect some spots where you’ll need to get to in order to do these. Xenos players gain one Victory point if you eliminate a player from the game by delivering the attack that removes the last of their forces (either via direct casualties or forcing morale losses).

Game Length: The game will last 7 Rounds, or at the GM’s discretion, they will notify the players at the start of a new round that it will be the last.

Prizes: A Space Hulk is sure to have all sorts of ephemera left over which your forces can secure for your side. While some may end up being useless, others may hold great promise. There will be a set of movable objective items on the ship as well as hidden items to search for, with prizes for some if they’re held by a player’s forces at the conclusion of the game (but not all—good luck guessing correctly what might be useful, and what is just ancient rubbish). Players with a model adjacent to a based portion of the Hulk can take an Action (per usual 40k rules) to search. There will be a descriptor of what is found (if anything), and there may be subsequent rules (some good, some problematic) for what is discovered in some searches. Units that find the marker retain that marker until destroyed or choose to relinquish it at the start of one of their turns. And sorry, no friendly fire in order to steal someone else’s find! Gotta get searching yourself–or conveniently leave threats to wipe them out and then swoop in to capture it yourself. Abandoned objective items that have been revealed can be picked up by ending a move adjacent to them.

We’ll also have a door prize raffle for all who stick around thru the end of the game as usual. Players on the winning side who scored at least one victory point themselves get their names entered twice in the door prize raffle (so all have a chance, but still a reason to compete). And any prize objectives that remain unfound or are not controlled at the end of the game will also be given out via the prize raffle.

Daemonic Spread and Terrors of the Night

Daemonic Spread and Terrors of the Night

Well, I think I have finally settled on what my force for “Invasion of Terra Two: The Emperor’s Thru” will be. I had been leaning toward Death Guard (as I do have a start to that force done), but realized from discussion with other players who will be a part of that event that we’ve got a really huge Nurgle presence already ready to assault the walls. So rather than double-up things, I wanted to spread out a bit more. I had known that I wanted to add a Khorne contingent to my army list, as there was much talk of a Host of Bloodthirsters assaulting the Throne room. So I’ve been going crazy on the Khorne side of things. Yet I didn’t want just daemons, as while I’ll have at least some hordes of troops with the daemons I also wanted to have lines of warriors and rows of siege tanks to break down the walls (envisioning those sorts of battles you see in the art of just lines of war).

Battle for Terra, art by Eddy Gonzalez Davila (check his instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/eddy_gonz/ )

So to that end, I thought about what 40k Chaos Legions are not represented in our local meta, but still worked with the Daemon forces that I’ve developed–as I’ve got a lot of Nurgle and the growing Khorne. We have Death Guard, Black Legion, World Eaters, and Thousand Sons covered, plus a whole lot of Slaanesh and Tzeentch daemons. So that led me to thinking about some of the groups that could cover all chaos forces: Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, and Night Lords. I’m not keen on the Iron Warriors look, and gave some tries at Word Bearer armor, but finally found a tutorial on Night Lords that I absolutely loved. After a few practice models turned out well, I committed, and it’s the cursed sons of Conrad Kurze for me. To pair with Khorne, as they’re the 8th Legion (very auspicious), and even more than that, I’m thinking they’ll be the 8th Company. There’s very little fluff on the 8th Company, just a picture of a Contemptor Dread in a Forge World Horus Heresy book with just a bit of info about the 8th company. (Reference: https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Reeve ). The dread houses a former Company Commander, and the company name is The Circle of Inclemency. Which sounds utterly delightful. So I’m going to go with that.

Khorne – The Gathering of Eight

The one part I know I want to do is finally get all the Khorne forces I’ve got completed, as there was much talk of the Host of Bloodthirsters assaulting the Throne room in our big game this Fall. So I’ve started up on a Khorne kick again alongside the Night Lords. I’ve got Skarbrand done, and three assembled Bloodthirsters (plus three in box waiting to be built, hah). But to really place them down in a meaningful way that means surrounding them with smaller Khorne forces. I’m really trying to do the “boys over toys” approach to things, as that’s what makes big games look really epic: huge lines of troops advancing on positions, with key bigger pieces amidst them.

So here’s the Khornate Progress thus far:

Skull Cannon of Khorne
Another unit of 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
And a third total unit of 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
Karanak, the Cerebus-looking Flesh Hound of Khorne
Flesh Hounds of Khorne

All told I’m pretty pleased with all the painting progress I got in on Khorne stuff. It makes a fun balance to the Night Lords (see below).

Night Lords

A big part of me getting excited about the Night Lords (over Word Bearers, which I also painted some test models for, and would have fit my Daemon army well), was that I found a paint scheme that I really liked. I tried a first Night Lord with a flat color paint scheme, and while it was okay, I didn’t love it. Then I found a great metallic blue tutorial for Night Lords from Kabin Miniatures (check it out here: https://youtu.be/nFJJTCEMyQY ). I gave it a try, with some of my own color tricks for the reds and leathers, and really loved how it came together. Particularly with my lava base scheme. So with some hunting around the fluff, The Night Lords 8th Legion–The Circle of Inclemency–has begun. I’ve painted more Night Lords points this month than anything else combined all year (and honestly all pandemic). Which shows me something.

Night Lords Warpsmith. Really pleased with him, to the point that at least for now he’ll be the leader of my Crusade force.
Night Lords Sorcerer. Definitely a needed addition, though psykers will take a bit of a rear seat for the force as they’ll frequently be pairing with Khorne (and don’t want to draw his ire, hah).
The first five Night Lords Chaos Space Marines. The one with the meltagun on the right was my test model for the scheme, but they all turned out quite neat I think.
Night Lords Obliterator. This was a fun model to do, as I really enjoy the warped flesh elements the model has. Particularly the weird feet/toes. Creepy!
Did up a Chaos Space Marines Predator Tank as well. At first I was worried, as I tried doing the whole tank in the metallic blue. That just looked too much, particularly as the blue sections’ sheen isn’t always uniform. So I went with large sections of black (and a few of that gold color trim) to balance the blue. I’m still not in love with my lightning bolt freehand work, but overall I’m quite pleased.

Crusade – Charadon: Book of Rust

Our local game store, Drawbridge Games, is running a Crusade campaign, leveraging the Charadon: Book of Rust rules. I managed to get my first game in against Matt’s Adeptus Sororitas Sisters of Battle force. It was a good game, and I managed to keep it close until the last of my units were wiped out by his firepower. Those battlesuit sisters pack a punch. A couple of shots from the game are below.

Skarbrand was a workhorse, destroying 2 units of Battle Sisters, a Rhino tank, an Immolator, and a Canoness (cutting off the leg of the latter and leaving her needing a bionic replacement in the campaign) all before he was finally gunned down.
Even the Bloodletters charging from out of warp and with bonus attacks thanks to Skarbrand being nearby could not stop the Sororitas battlesuits.
The Night Lords infantry let the Bloodletters do the fighting while they fired from cover, protecting an objective. Ultimately they were wiped out by some charging Seraphim, but overall was a fun game.

Marvel Corner

Finally–and quickly–I am still slowly but surely adding to my Marvel Crisis Protocol options. I finished Rocket Raccoon last month, so that meant this month I surely needed to add Groot to the completed/painted side of my pile of shame.

Groot was pretty simple to paint. Could have done more, but I was satisfied with a bit of depth and a suggestion of roots.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 188/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted 5/12